Plastic Free July 2022: Quick Sustainable Swaps & Tips

Plastic Free July in 2022. It is that time of year again! A whole year since our 2021 Plastic Free July Giveaway and a lot has changed. We have a new look and lots of more new ways to cut out plastic in your everyday life.

What better way to introduce you all to the new sustainable swaps than to run through our picks for Plastic Free July. The theme is quick, easy and cost effective. Whether you are a sustainable veteran or just starting out on your eco friendly journey, these are great ways to save money and make a positive impact. Every sustainable step we take helps in tackling the problem in front of us. The goal is to cut out plastic, save on carbon emissions (indelibly linked to petroleum derived plastic) and slow the Climate Crisis warming of the planet below 1.5°C.

How to approach it?

We have all been there: pottering about the house – maybe doing some house chores – you pick something about to set off on a task and think to yourself, “…there must be a better and more sustainable version out there?” That thought is the very first step!

By volume, it is those everyday products which will be what makes the most impact. Take a minute to think about what is thrown away day after day: plastic shampoo bottles; plastic conditioner bottles; microplastic shedding sponges; face wipes interwoven with polyester that clog up drains; single-use LDPE plastic wrappers for toilet paper and kitchen rolls; the abundance of milk cartons. The list goes on and on!

It is becoming ever more apparent that as well as reducing consumption, the most important category of sustainable product will be cyclical. A product which cuts out single-use plastics whilst also being inherently reusable or easily upcycled. In the case that the product cannot be cyclical then it should be compostable and go back to the earth without bleeding out toxins and microplastics. These are the two most important factors when assessing the sustainability of a product. Both considering what effect it will have to have a low impact on the environment at end of life or cut out the usage of electricity and virgin materials entirely!

With that in mind, check out our picks below for Plastic Free July 2022👇

Eco Everyday Swaps for Plastic Free July 2022

The recommendation for throwing away a dish sponge is between every 2 – 4 weeks. This translates to just under 20 sponges a year. When using plastic sponges, microplastics break off and make their way into the waste water which pollutes water systems.

Is it any wonder that microplastics have been found in our blood?

This compostable sponge is a cost effective and quick way to fix this. We also have reusable sponge options on the platform should you wish for a more cyclical solution.

The average UK household uses 216 plastic hair care bottles every single year. The recycling rate for bathroom products is currently only 50% in the UK. Without proper recycling practices, a lot of these bottles will be heading straight to landfill. These bottles will also break down over a period of 450 years into harmful microplastics.

It does not have to be this way and Battle Green have come to the rescue with this cost effective and long lasting shampoo bar to cut out all of the plastic. It will leave your hair healthier as well with no SLS or other harmful chemicals.

If you are making the switch to a plant based milk and have done so for sustainability reasons, you may be shocked that the leading producer of milk cartons has a recycling rate of 26%! With plastic linings on the inside of those carboard cartons as well as plastic lids. The multitude of different plastics actually makes these cartons more difficult to recycle.

What if you could make your own plant based milk at home, cut out packaging waste and also design the flavour profile of your milk to make it perfectly fit your palete? Kitley’s have the kit for you! Save money over time and also have fun being your own milklady or milkman.

Eco Kids Swaps for Plastic Free July 2022

A minimalist, line printed, eco-friendly notebook made with high-quality Portuguese cork from Primaberry.

The harmless harvesting for trees, its 100% biodegradability and the high quality of the material make Portuguese cork one of the most sustainable materials available today.

The paper in the notebooks is also 100% recycled. Top tip: write in pencil and reuse after using a natural rubber to rub out.

At least 90% of toys in the world contain some form of plastic! That is a mind boggling amount with all of the toys out there.

Why not make playtime more sustainable?

This space themed grow kit includes 4 mixed wildflower seed paper shapes and a how to grow instruction sheet.

Want them to keep their imagination but in a sustainable way? With their minimalist look, these boards can be customised with chalks, crayons, pencils, stickers.

Made from recycled cardboard, these boards allow kids to explore and play the sustainable way.

When buying natural products, the worry might be that they could be poor quality, flimsy or not long lasting. Not with this pencil case!

A cost effective, sustainable and natural stationery essential.

Eco Style Swaps for Plastic Free July 2022

Around 1 trillion plastic bags are used globally every year. Flimsy, easily breakable and therefore often single use. LDPE plastic can get caught up in sorting machines. This has led to refusal of some recycling centres to accept them.

In some cases the alternatives are not always cheap, however this amazing cotton bag from Auklett is a great cost effective swap which will quickly make back the money on those pesky 20p bags at checkout.

A great cyclical option, this bag is sturdy and will last a lifetime if cared for well.

Sustainable style does not have to cost the earth!

One of the biggest issues with recycled plastic polyester clothing is the fact that these fibres are still susceptible to breaking down into microplastics.

How incredible that with their shorter lifecycles, we are able to recycle natural materials! These beautiful boho earrings are made from recycled and reclaimed cotton thread.

Leather straps, dangerously mined virgin metals – there is a lot in traditional watches that is not environmentally friendly at all.

When cork is sustainably sourced, it can be one of the eco friendly materials around.

Not only is this watch sustainable but also vegan as the strap is also made out of cork! No cow or plastic synthetic materials in sight.

From all at @ecomersh we wish you a Happy Plastic Free July 2022!

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