Plastic Free July: Ecomersh 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway

To celebrate Plastic Free July and 1 year of being live – Captain Bobcat Blog & ecomersh. are excited to share with the #plasticfreecommunity a One Year Anniversary Plastic Free July sustainable hamper giveaway!

With more and more unique users buying from ecomersh. and supporting plastic free small businesses – the tide is turning with sustainable and plastic free products.

Unfortunately, greenwashing by traditional brands is rife as they attempt to only make money using sustainability as a marketing concept without the core fundamentals of organic, natural, handmade, plastic free and toxin free which ecomersh. sellers adopt.

During this time it is more important than ever to support authentic plastic free small businesses who adhere to these core fundamentals of sustainability.

For this reason, for the whole month of July, to promote this idea we will be offering up a The Ultimate Sustainable Hamper which includes all the essentials; bathroom products, kitchen products, artisanal natural handmade products and all with zero plastic, all natural fibres.

The reason for the range of products is to show that the range of sustainable and plastic free products that exist – we are the home for truly sustainable products in the UK and plan to extend this further by creating a sustainable fund for new and exciting ways to tackle plastic and toxins in everyday products.

We have and always will have at our core the idea to support and grow sustainable and plastic free small businesses and are always looking for new ways to do this. If you have the idea to start a plastic free small business or already running one and wanted to be hosted on the site, please email me directly to and ask how we can help you.

To enter the competition visit:

Plastic Free July: Ecomersh 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway

Best of luck and happy Plastic Free July!