Sustainable Start Ups – Let’s Talk Starting A Sustainable Small Business

The Climate Crisis has been in news recently but have you ever wondered why nothing seems to change? Unfortunately, the reason for this is that people who stand in positions to benefit from the status quo never want it to change, leading to greenwashing and disillusionment from consumers.

ecomersh. is proud to host on it’s platform an array of incredible sustainable small to medium-sized businesses in the UK who have decided to take on the challenge themselves and put it in their own hands.

From British-made toilet paper 100% recycled from newspapers, cereal boxes and the like; to a vegan milk making set which can save on plastic packaging and delivery miles; to handmade natural material home décor; and sellers making soaps, shampoos and cosmetics in compostable packaging.

Plastic freedom is near and it starts by doing what is possible – possible is now!

All of the inspirational sustainable sellers on the ecomersh. platform have taken on this challenge with some incredible earth friendly ideas and solutions.

Do you have the next big idea to tackle the climate crisis?

If you think you might but are unsure or don’t know where to start, then I would love to speak with you.

We at ecomersh. have introduced a 30-minute forum where we give you the floor to discuss your idea to create a sustainable enterprise to further tackle the climate crisis.

Be a part of the solution! If you have ever had an idea but you are unsure where to begin, we have set up this consultation space to help you start your journey.

Simply click the button below to book your session now:

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