We pride ourselves on eco friendly end-to-end sustainability and have worked hard to create a low impact shop and website that reflects that.

ecomersh eco sustainable graphic website design

Eco design

The internet uses a lot of energy, over 10% of the world’s energy! The ecomersh. brand was conceived with simplicity in mind using minimal details and clean lines. Our colour selection and graphic style allows ecomersh. to be experienced at a lower screen brightness meaning you use less energy across all devices, try it now, turn that screen down.

Big images, complex graphics, video streaming, multiple fonts and colours all add up, making each page ‘heavier’. The amount of data that is served when you look at our website has been calculated, refined, and only loads when it is needed. This all provides you with the most efficient browsing experience, spending less time, having the least impact on our planet.

The hosting we use was also carefully selected to strike a balance between reliability and environmental impact. They share the same ethos as ecomersh. by practicing end-to-end sustainability; from the tech they use, to how their staff are encouraged to travel, it all adds up! Read more about how they are achieving this goal here.

We also use the most recent caching solutions to deliver you ‘static pages’ which are stored locally on your device once loaded. This means that returning customers make even less environmental impact when loading ecomersh. on their device.

ecomersh eco sustainable graphic website design

Eco website

ecomersh eco packaging

Eco packaging

Our partners are all carefully selected to ensure we are staying true to our ethos, right down the packaging. Where possible only sustainable and recyclable materials are used, and definitely no plastic packaging. In instances where tape is used we reach for the paper tape every time.

We work hard with our partners to ensure this remains standard procedure and consult or supply our partners if necessary to ensure all packaging is sustainable.

ecomersh. is committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable delivery solutions. While we are not able to enact this ourselves, we do suggest for our partners to use sustainable delivery solutions where possible and partner with ground-breaking sustainable solutions to suggest these to our partners.

ecomersh eco delivery

Eco delivery

ecomersh eco sustainable products delivered

Eco revolution

Our promise to practice and refine our ethos will continue with regular website audits and housekeeping. Checking in with our partners to brainstorm new ideas of further reducing our environmental impact. Sourcing new and exciting products that help us rid the seas of plastic waste. Part of this is our blog – publishing articles on how to reduce your own environmental impact, new and interesting sustainable solutions and of course keeping you updated on how we at ecomersh. are helping to save the planet.

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