Sustainable Valentine’s Day – Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

Giving gifts at Valentine’s Day can be pretty hard, or at least from my experience. It’s sometimes hard to gauge whether the intended recipient will appreciate or even use the gift you’re getting them, and at the very least the gift has to show that you care for them. In showing them you care, you can also get a sustainable gift to show them you care about your future.

Not breaking the bank is a welcome bonus, but go too far into money-saving mode and you’ll look cheap. Overall, it can be a pretty stressful experience.

However, with a little bit of help from our team here at ecomersh., we’ll make it an easy experience this year. With big companies making more money than ever – here on Ecomersh we like to support small to medium independent businesses. 

With a climate crisis going on, and so many commericalised mainstream products out there that may not be so kind to the environment, now might be the time to consider buying more sustainable gifts that are made with care.

At Ecomersh, our aim is to prove that environmentally friendly products can not only be as great as those that aren’t, but that they can be bought for reasonable prices too. Hopefully you will be able to find a sustainable Valentine’s Day gift which shows them you care about them and the planet!

Why choose a Sustainable gift this Valentine’s Day

Fact: The climate crisis is a real-life blockbuster, and we’ve all got front-row seats. We’re all in this together and especially this time of the year – with loads of plastic goods being sold, it’s time to change our habits.

Traditional gifts often come with a hidden cost – a heavy carbon footprint. From production to disposal, the lifecycle of these items contributes to environmental degradation. Choosing eco-friendly alternatives helps to minimise this impact.

And let’s not forget the packaging, eco-friendly gift wrap is just as nice but reusable and recyclable. A win-win.

A time when you want to show care is the perfect time to make a thoughtful shift in our gift-giving approach with something more sustainble. Opting for eco-friendly gifts isn’t just a trend; it’s a responsible choice with a positive impact on our planet.

Here we list a few of many great finds which can be found here on the Ecomersh website: 

Sustainable Vintage Vegan scented candles

Vintage Vegan’s soy candles come in a great variety of scents, each themed by a different country. The candles come wrapped in vintage newspapers, dating back as far as the 1920s, and for that extra touch you can even personalise the labels that come on the candles to contain a special message. 

Vintage Vegan’s candles avoid the use of beeswax with its plant based fuel being derived from soy, and each has an approximate burn time of 35 hours. One of our favourite candles is the candle themed around Sri Lanka, featuring a relaxing scent of lemongrass and ginger.

Make your own oat milk kit

From Kitleys, this kit is not only a load of fun but was also designed with the environment in mind. The kit allows you to make your own oat milk in as little as 15 minutes. All it takes are oats, water and a pinch of salt required. You can even add things to balance the taste to how you like it!

Supermarket bought oat milk often contains lots of added sugars and additives, and maybe even comes in non-recyclable cartons; however, you won’t find any plastics in this kit! Classy old-school milk bottle? Check. Stainless steel reusable straw? Check. 

Using the kit to make your own milk is cheaper in the long run and can be healthier. It also has a lower carbon footprint compared to buying common branded oat milk.

Puremess Self-Care

Do you have a partner that loves self-care but wants to reduce their impact? Puremess have the right self-care products for them.

With lots of recently added new products to the platform, Puremess have a wide range of Face Mask Powders, Face Creams and even Body Custards. 

With their powdered products not having the need to contain any water you can get a product which lasts longer and less packaging. The packaging that they do use cuts out plastic and is 100% recyclable. 

Sustainable Fashion as a Valentine’s Day Gift

New to ecomersh. recently is the amazing Green Tab Clothing. They have a wide range of 100% organic cotton clothing which is both stylish and comfortable.

With zero plastic microfibres, you can be assured in washing them that there will be no microplastics washing out into our oceans and seas. 

From the cosy sweater jacket to tank tops and a range of different t shirts. Green Tab Clothing make sustainability stylish!

But that’s not all – these are just a few eco-friendly gift ideas available on ecomersh. There are many more on the website, so have a look around.

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