Earth Day 2023 – tips for zero waste to take with you throughout the year

Earth Day 2023 is almost upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about how we can reduce waste and do our part to protect the planet. Zero waste as a concept is great to aim for – it can be a bit daunting and in reality we are all making incremental changes towards being more sustainable. With these tips we want to help make it easier to prepare for Earth Day and take these changes with you throughout the year.

You don’t have to change your whole lifestyle to help our planet. It all starts with little swaps, little tricks and things you can implement in your everyday life. Being aware of how to reuse and repurpose waste will help you towards a zero waste lifestyle. 

Earth Day 2023, what is it and what is it for?

Earth day is around the corner, but do you really know what this day is about and why it is promoted? We will give you a bit more background information on this special day. 

The initiative started over 50 years ago, in 1970. It creates awareness for the environmental problems the world is facing right now. 

The purpose of Earth Day is therefore to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability. It is a day for individuals, organisations, and governments to come together and take action to protect our planet. 

There are many activities happening worldwide during this day. Earth Day activities may include planting trees, cleaning up litter, conserving energy, advocating for policy changes, and more.

The theme for Earth Day 2023 on Saturday 22nd April 2023 is “Invest In Our Planet” – this highlights the urgent need for us to turn our attention to what will be more beneficial for the future of earth. This year’s focus is on solutions and innovations that can help restore ecosystems and address the impacts of climate change.

How to get involved in Earth Day 2023

This April 22nd you can participate in local events, organise your own Earth Day activity, or simply make a commitment to reduce your environmental footprint. Not just for ourselves, but also for future generations. That’s why we are sharing our tips below, a few simple tricks to create a more sustainable lifestyle.

Zero waste tips for Earth Day 2023 and beyond

As we approach Earth Day in 2023, it’s more important than ever to adopt sustainable practices and minimise waste. These are some of our tips to reduce waste:

1: Use reusable bags

This one is a no-brainer, but it’s still worth mentioning. A lot of brands don’t even use single-use plastic bags anymore. Some big supermarkets even switched from single use bags to durable ones.

A good tip would be to put a reusable one in your bag you bring to work for example. This means you also don’t have to think about it before you leave the house. Not only will you be helping the environment, but they can also look super stylish! Check out the fun & colourful Moon Water Treasures tote bags.

2: Bring your own water bottle

We all know that buying plastic bottles and throwing them away (sometimes after using them once) is a huge source of waste. Just as bringing a reusable bag is a good idea, a reusable water bottle is a must have in your bag. It’s cheaper in the long run as well. Win win, right?

This strong and durable stainless steel bottle is one of our favourites.

3: Repair and repurpose

Instead of throwing away broken or unused items, try to repair them or repurpose them into something new. This reduces waste and gives new life to old items. It’s also a way to get creative and find new ways of working with materials, at ecomersh. we love getting crafty – for example with this plastic free embroidery kit.

Oh, we do have to mention that recycling is a great way too, but it should only be used when reduction, reuse or repair is not possible. In need of some new tape to help with repairing, reusing or getting crafty? Check out these fun plastic free tapes from Cascayde!

4: Compost your food waste

Did you know that food waste is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions? By composting your food waste, you can help reduce these emissions and create nutrient-rich soil for your garden. If you don’t have a garden, this compost is great for any plant (even in the house).

After creating the compost, why not try out growing your own food with these seeds by The Botany Club.

5: Buy in bulk

Ever thought about buying pantry food in bulk? Buying dried food in bulk is a great way to reduce packaging waste. There are even zero waste shops where you can fill your jars as much as you want, without any plastic. Maybe you may not have one of these shops nearby, so buying in bulk will help create less waste and will allow for less emissions or energy used as you will be making less trips.

Plus: you can save money in the long run by buying larger quantities of the things you use regularly. To help organise your dry food store, we have these awesome storage units built from upcycled wood. 

As you can see there are plenty of ways to invest in our planet and work towards a zero waste lifestyle throughout the year, not just during Earth Day! If you’d like to learn more about sustainable lifestyles as well as find sustainable gifts and products, check out all of the inspirational sustainable sellers on our platform.

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