Plastic Free July 2023 – Bring on the challenge!

Plastic Free July is just around the corner, inspiring individuals around the world to take action against plastic pollution as well as reducing day to day plastic waste. In this guide, we will explore the essence of Plastic Free July, provide practical plastic-free ideas and look into the latest global challenges and changes in sustainability efforts to fight against plastic pollution. 

How did Plastic Free July start?

Plastic Free July was born in 2011 and an initiative led by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and a small group of participants. It began as a local challenge, encouraging people to refuse single-use plastics for the entire month of July. 

The aim was to raise awareness about the devastating environmental consequences of plastic consumption as well as inspiring individuals to make lasting changes in their everyday lives.

Driven by the success and growing interest in the challenge, Plastic Free July quickly gained attention and spread across the globe. 

The power of social media played a significant role in growing this initiative, as participants shared their experiences and encouraged others to join the movement. 

How to participate in the Plastic Free July challenge 2023

Ready to take on the Plastic Free Challenge 2023? Joining is easy! Simply commit to reducing your plastic consumption throughout the month of July. 

Swap out single-use plastics for reusable sustainable alternatives, make conscious purchasing decisions and also explore lifestyle changes that you can take with you throughout the year and make a lasting change.

We think it’s inspiring and together, we can make a significant difference and create a world with less plastic waste. 

We think the Plastic Free Challenge is more enjoyable and impactful when done together. Some of our tips to spread the word:

  • Social Media: Share your commitment to the Plastic Free Challenge on your social media platforms. Encourage your friends to join you by tagging them in your posts or also using relevant hashtags like #PlasticFreeJuly or #ReducePlasticWaste.
  • Organise a Group Activity: Plan a plastic-free activity or event with your friends, such as a zero-waste picnic, a beach cleanup, or a DIY workshop for making reusable products. 

So, are you up for the challenge? Scroll down for some more inspiration and ideas!

Plastic Free July Ideas 

Embrace a sustainable lifestyle with Plastic Free July (2023 edition) Ideas. Say goodbye to plastic waste and hello to eco-friendly alternatives.

At Ecomersh, we care about a sustainable future for everyone. We dream big and there is constantly more sustainable development, but to get to this we know that it takes small changes that will make a big impact together. 

Discover some practical tips and clever swaps from our team to reduce plastic.

Are you ready to start the plastic free challenge? Then let’s get started!

Embrace Reusable Alternatives

Swap single-use plastic items with reusable options. Carry a reusable water bottle, bring your own shopping bags, and bring your own reusable coffee cup to work.

Planning a supermarket visit? Bring your own mini mesh grocery bags.

Plastic-Free Personal Care

Transition to plastic-free alternatives in your personal care routine. Replace plastic toothbrushes with bamboo ones, switch to shampoo and conditioner bars and choose skincare products that cut out single use plastic waste. 

Exploring natural and sustainable options that prioritise the environment around us can also inspire you to also take better personal care. 

Check out this awesome plastic free and reusable razor, it ticks all the boxes and comes in two colours!

Something that also recently was in the news recently was the terrible situation with non-recyclable facial wipes thrown away into water systems and the incoming ban to help combat this. Just in time, Serious Tissues recently released a new product – 100% recycled facial tissues. 

Eco-Friendly Cleaning & Kitchen Solutions

Swap out conventional cleaning & kitchen products for environmentally friendly alternatives. Tip! Invest in reusable cleaning cloths to reduce waste generated from disposable wipes.

You can also minimise plastic use in your kitchen by replacing plastic wrap reusable wax wraps. Another good tip is storing food in wooden & glass containers instead of plastic ones. Check our section for kitchen items for more inspiration!

When comes to cleaning in kitchen, these sponges are made from sisal, a natural plant fibre and cellulose, made from wood pulp. They will therefore biodegrade in your compost bin rather than spending thousands of years in landfill like plastic sponges.

Looking for sustainable pot scrubbers that will leave you with a smile? Ecojiko also have pot scrubbers that are a great way to scrub off dirt with natural materials – shop these cuties!

Something else that can help with cleaning in the kitchen and reducing plastic waste (and waste in general to that end!) are these refill tablets which are new to ecomersh. Simply add one to 500ml of water for a sparkling clean on all your kitchen surfaces.

Preparing For Plastic Free July 2023

This year, 2023, Plastic Free July provides an opportunity for anyone, anywhere, to make conscious choices as well as reducing plastic waste worldwide. 

Luckily, there are more and more sustainable alternatives available (check out our products on ecomersh.), making eco-friendly swaps in our daily routines so much easier.

Plastic Free July is there to encourage everyone, both communities and businesses to rethink the use of single-use plastics. 

However, this movement goes beyond a single month. We can all do our part to create sustainable habits that contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet long term.

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