Eco Vegan Gifts – Sustainable Vegan Gift Ideas For Friends & Family

Vegan Gifts: What do you buy someone who is vegan?

Vegan gifts for them, vegan gifts for her, vegan gifts for him, for family, loved ones and friends. Well after all vegan gifts are for anyone! They come in all forms and sizes. Even if someone isn’t living the vegan lifestyle, these gift ideas will inspire you for the festive season. 

Why buy Vegan Gifts?

If you want to surprise someone at a special occasion, a gift can be meaningful. Especially when you really know someone, you can surprise them with something they mentioned in the past, or something they have been talking about for a long time.

When you know someone is interested in sustainability or veganism, it is only logical to go for an eco-friendly gift that has a lower impact on our environment. For example something that is reusable or helps end our reliance on virgin petroleum based plastic.

Business Waste reported that during the festive season alone that over 100,000 tonnes of plastic packaging goes to waste in the UK. We have not even mentioned the release of greenhouse gasses when producing these products. 

All the more reason to keep the festive gifts sustainable and vegan, right? Most of our gift ideas are handmade, recyclable and sustainable which will help take the environmental strain off of the earth at this time of year.

Reasons to buy vegan gifts

A cute vegan scarf instead of a woolen one or reusable tote bag for when they go shopping for vegan food. Spread the vegan love with some stylish new gear! There are many reasons to buy vegan gifts for your loved ones. Here are just a few:

1. Show your support for their lifestyle choice. If someone is vegan, it is thoughtful to support them by buying something related to their way of living.

2. Veganism is kind to animals and the environment. No more animal testing and non-recyclable products as a gift, the future is vegan!

3. Vegan gifts are cruelty-free and often focus on more natural ingredients, this means it contains less synthetic chemicals that do not disrupt our natural biology.

4. You can find even unique and thoughtful gifts that your loved one will appreciate but they might not even know it is vegan! A fun test to see if someone who may not be vegan notices if what they have been given is in fact vegan.

What gift do you buy someone who is vegan?

These vegan gift ideas are for every occasion and can help reduce our environmental impact at the same time by cutting out plastic waste and ending our dependence on synthetic ingredients.

Plastic Free Zero Waste Tofu Making Set

The secret of store bought tofu is what you do with it. Every vegan will tell you the same. There is a strange perception that tofu is bland but it’s only that way if you do not season it well enough or create that delicious crispy texture!

With this Zero Waste Tofu Making Kit you can take that personal taste element one step further and prepare your tofu the way you like it. It also cuts out that thin, difficult to recycle plastic that tofu comes in and also makes it so that you can source the tofu ingredients in a zero waste way so that an end-to-end zero waste tofu making process is possible!

Make Your Own Oat Milk Kit Set

A wonderful creamy texture, oat milk is perfect to add to your cornflakes, or coffee. Unfortunately, we have seen an increase in prices in all supermarkets. Prices are going up, and oat milk is not excluded. So why not make your own oat milk? It is fun and it is cheap, especially when using our oat kit making set. It even comes with a cute oat milk making guide which has recipes and ideas with what to do with the oats at the end of the milk making process so can ensure there is zero waste!

Build your own Vegan Christmas Cracker

Holidays are coming, that means it is time for (vegan) Christmas Crackers. Especially when they are filled with amazing goodies of your choice. Choose from our list with lip balm, face masks, shampoo bars and many more options. It is even possible to send this directly to your friends or family!

Vegan Welsh Sea Kelp & Indigo Soap Bar

This is not just soap, it is a soap that does wonders for your skin health. Made with sustainably foraged air dried Welsh sea kelp and indigo and spirulina powders, it makes it a unique and special gift. Handmade and only made in small batches to keep the quality as high as possible.  

Vegan Paw & Nose Balm

Do you know anyone who has a pet? Or maybe you have a dog yourself? This (lickable) nose balm for dogs is 100% natural and can help to restore dry, itchy or irritated skin. It’s getting colder and colder outside, the more reason to take care of your dogs paws and have a little Christmas gift for them sitting under the tree.

What can I put in a vegan hamper?

Another gift idea is giving a vegan hamper. Choose your favourite products, such as the examples above or on our platform. With so many delicious and ethical options available, there’s no reason to not go vegan this Christmas – especially to get you ready for Veganuary.

Our tip is to choose a theme. For example, a wellness hamper. Include one of our delicious soaps and add a few other self-care products.

Still need other gift ideas to include in your vegan hamper? Here are some ideas:

– A selection of vegan cheeses

– Vegan chocolate

– Vegan wine

– Cruelty-free vegan cosmetics

– A voucher for a vegan restaurant

Why are people vegan?

We have talked about the ‘fun side’ of veganism and the many options for gifts, but it might be good to know why people choose to be vegan. Veganuary is around the corner, a month about educating and showing the many benefits of being vegan.

Of course, there is not one reason why people choose to be vegan, it is different for everyone. It could be because it is more environmentally sustainable, it has health benefits or it is because of animal’s welfare. It could even be a combination of all or some of these.

The environmental sustainability of veganism has been well-documented. A plant-based diet requires far fewer resources than a meat-based diet. It takes less water to grow crops than it does to raise livestock, and vegan foods generate far less pollution.

But perhaps the most important reason to embrace veganism is that it is simply more humane. Animals raised for food often live in crowded, filthy conditions and are subjected to painful procedures such as debeaking and castration.

By buying Vegan Gifts you are supporting a more sustainable world with less (plastic) waste. A great way to end the year. We at ecomersh. wish you Happy Holidays, enjoy the holly jolly season!

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