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MAKE YOUR OWN EASY, TASTY TOFU – Create great-tasting and preservative-free tofu at home with our simple, straightforward recipe. Tofu is a nutritious addition to your diet, particularly if you eat a plant-based diet.

MADE FROM HARD-WEARING FINISHED BAMBOO – The easy-to-assemble design contains no nails or screws that rust – just bamboo, in the traditional Asian style.

MAKE YOUR OWN OR PRESS STORE BOUGHT TOFU – Choose between silky or firm tofu depending on the dishes you are making. Press bought tofu to create a firm, meaty texture – perfect for curries and stir-fries.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Eliminate the need for plastic packaging to fit your zero-waste lifestyle. Our bamboo is sourced sustainably.

COST EFFECTIVE – Make a large block of tofu from just 500 grams of dried soy beans, which works out as a fraction of the price compared to buying it ready made. A large block typically feeds 2-3 people (for those of us with big appetites!).

Box Contents: 1x zofu. zero-waste tofu box, 1 muslin cloth, information leaflet.

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