Sustainable Festival Tips – Festivals in the UK

After a few years of lockdown we are more excited than ever that the festival season is back! It is time to say hello to sunshine and music once again – ecomersh. has been on the lookout for Sustainable Festivals in the UK and we found a few you do not want to miss. 

Why are Sustainable Festivals important?

Imagine: the sun is shining and you are watching your favourite band with your fav drink in hand. It has been a while, and we are pretty sure we have all really missed it. For a lot of people festivals are the highlight of their summer, where you meet with friends and have the best time of your life. 

The UK is home to many music festivals. Before the pandemic there were about 241 festivals in the UK only. Unfortunately, many festivals bring lots of waste. An estimated of 23,500 tonnes of waste has been reported by Powerful Thinking, who did a festival research on waste. Some other things they found out:

  • 5 million litres of diesel consumption
  • 20 kilotonnes of C02e annually (onsite emissions)
  • 100 kilotonnes C02e annually, including audience travel

Even though festivals bring much joy and laughter, it regrettably leaves a bigger footprint than you might have thought. So why not choose a festival that is thinking about sustainability and the environment?

Whilst you are out and about at sustainable festivals in the UK look for vendors that carry sustainably minded products like the ‘Ball’ aluminium cups 👉 Check them out here. Aluminium is one of the lightest and also importantly one of the most cyclical materials around. It has a comparably high recycling rate. Steel is another good option too! Anything that can be separated easily with magnets in recycling centres.

recyclable festival cups in the uk

Top 5 Sustainable Festivals In The UK

Luckily there are a lot of sustainable festivals in the UK which you can attend. All working to minimise their footprint and reducing waste and emissions. These are our top five.

Glastonbury Festival

One of the most well known festivals in the UK. Glastonbury has hosted artists like Paul Mccartney, Van Morrisson, Kings of Leon and many, many more. What you maybe did not know, is that Glastonbury Festival has planted over a 10,000 native trees to support and enhance the (local) environment. Another example is that they check the water that is running through the watercourses and nearby rivers and make sure it is not polluted or affecting the wildlife. Glastonbury will be held on the 22nd till the 26th of June.

Shambala Festival

Shambala is a festival that will take place on the 25th till the 28th of August. They have an amazing and eclectic line up. Think of artists like Nostalgix and Dr. Fresch. Shambala is definitely a sustainable festival. The festival has reduced its global footprint by 80% and is running it on 100% renewable power. Next to that, the festival is vegetarian – they do not sell meat and fish. You will not find any disposable plastics either!

Green Man Festival

With a great line up including Michael Kiwanuka & Metronomy, Green Man is a great festival to attend in the beautiful Wales.

Green Man will have no single use plastics on site and all packaging will be 100% compostable. They are also using reusable stacking cups! What a great invention.

What’s more, they even have a stage powered by 100% solar power!

The Green Gathering Festival

On the 4th to the 7th of August The Green Gathering festival is taking place. As the name itself already says, it is all about creating a green, sustainable environment. The festival is filled with music, comedy and also creativity. A unique experience where you can share your stories, find new friends and learn new skills. Sustainability is a big part of the festival. For example, the Green Gathering is using power from a renewable source, is not using any generators and uses led lightning. They do not serve any meat or fish at the festival and all of the food comes from ethical sources.

Latitude Festival

Latitude Festival is a festival making steps in the right direction! Using The Big Green Coach they aim to bring as many festival goers safely to the venue in Carbon Neutral transport.

Their waste systems will have clear signage for compostable and recyclable waste – helping the majority of any waste to be dealt with properly and not create methane in landfills.

Their line-up boasts some amazing acts: Lewis Capaldi, Foals and Russell Howard will be in attendance!

Sustainable Festival Must-haves In The UK: our top 3

It is great to know that lots of festivals are taking action in reducing their impact. So what could be more appropriate than bringing your own sustainable products along? With good preparation, you are already halfway there. Get these must-haves on time and enjoy the incredible summer festival season ahead.

Sustainable Sunscreen To Protect Your Skin

We hope your day is filled with sunshine, however, even if the sun is not shining it is always good to put on sunscreen. Protect your skin from UV radiations while your dancing away to your favourite tunes. A little bit of sunscreen will help you fend off harmful rays and take in the outdoors sustainably.

sustainable sunscreen in the uk

Bio Glitter From A Sustainable UK Small Business

We all know plastic is a no-go for our planet. Unfortunately, most glitters are made out of plastic. Did you know glitters are actually micro plastics that damage our eco system? However, we all love glitters, right? They are fabulous and a real festival regular. You can put them on your nails, in your hair or on your face. But what if we told you there is an eco friendly alternative? The Bio Glitters on ecomersh. are 100% plastic free.

sustainable bio glitter in the uk

Hats To Fend Off The UK Summer Sun

Protect yourself from the sun in style. This hat is a real summer festival must-have and is made from wild nettle as well as organic cotton.

sustainable sun hat in the uk

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