Spring cleaning tips: a sustainable checklist

Some people love it, some people try to avoid it, but at some point it has to happen: a spring cleaning! So open up your windows and let the breeze in. A new season, a fresh start that starts with a good cleaning session in your home. In this article, we are sharing our sustainable Spring Cleaning tips that will leave your house shiny and sparkling.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s time! Get that mop out of the closet, because we both know, it’s been in there for too long.

A good Spring Cleaning session starts with preparation. To make it as sustainable as possible, it is important to have the right tools and products. This checklist will make it easier and more fun, we promise.

Step 1 – Using the right cleaning products. By buying sustainable cleaning products you are helping the environment but you are also creating a healthier space, as many cleaning products contain toxic chemicals like ammonia and chlorine.

Did you know there are even some natural cleaning products you can use that you may have at home already? Lemon juice helps to fight bacteria on your surfaces and can be used for bathroom cleaning in combination with salt. Vinegar for example, can be used as a disinfectant on certain surfaces.

Tip: we recommend getting these products in advance so you do not have to stress on the day you are planning the Spring Cleaning.

Step 2 – Make a list. Where to start? Well, it’s always good to start from top to bottom. So ceilings first and work your way down to the last part, the floor.

Tip: make a list on your phone for the order of the rooms. Start with the attic for example, or the bedroom. This makes it easier because you know in which order you are going to clean them.

Step 3 – Have your paper boxes ready. When doing a Spring Cleaning, you will come across items that you haven’t used in a while. You can make a ‘charity box’ with things you don’t want to keep or a ‘repair box’ with items you like, but that need some love or repairs to upcycle them. 

Our Sustainable Spring Cleaning Tips

We know, it’s not always fun to clean the house. Good news, you can make it more fun with some simple tricks. 

Put on a podcast

Get inspired while cleaning. Our favourite podcasts are Green Dreamer, Conscious Chatter and How to Save a Planet. These podcasts are all about different subjects within sustainability and are really interesting. Oh, and they’re all available to stream online- which makes our lives easier, right? 

Open up the windows

It will not only make your home smell better, but it will also freshen the air. Opening up the windows is a great way to get that spring breeze in. Refreshing the air is as important as cleaning your rooms.

Take pictures

Make it fun! It is very rewarding to see all of your hard work. Therefore, take a picture of the rooms before you start cleaning, then take pictures when you’re done. You can share your before and afters with your friends or just keep them for yourself.

Recruit friends and family

Ask some friends and/or family to help you in exchange for a homemade lunch or dinner at your place. After the Spring Clean is done, of course. 

Eco Friendly Spring Cleaning Products

As we said before, it would be good to think about the harmful chemicals that are used in many cleaning products. The packaging of these products are made out of plastic most of the time. These packaging materials often end up in the environment and our oceans. 

However, there is always a way to make your Spring Cleaning more sustainable. The solution sounds simple: buying eco-friendly cleaning products or even using natural solutions like the ones we mentioned before.

Leave your kitchen spic and span with our Kitchen Starters Kit. It can be used to clean all sorts of pots and to do the dishes. 

While you are cleaning the house – throw your bedding in the washing machine and enjoy a clean bed in the evening. Easy does it.

These detergent strips are plastic-free and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Just add one to the washing machine and the strip will dissolve completely.  


The least fun part, cleaning the toilets. With these toilet fizzies cleaning the toilet is less of a hassle. Just throw them in and let it fizz. Use your toilet brush to clean et voila – done! 

Organic Castile Soap made from natural ingredients that can be used as a cleaning product or even laundry detergent. It has essential oils and organic ingredients which will not only help you clean but also smells really nice.