Skin Care Routines – A Sustainable Guide

Did you know the skin is the largest organ of our body? That’s why it’s a big deal to treat your skin with care. Yes, it’s called a skin care routine for that reason. Show your skin some love with natural, sustainable products. Along with some product suggestions, we’ll dive into proven methods that will improve your skin texture, depending on your skin type.  

Why should you create a skin care routine?

You might or might not have been using specific products for your skin. As every skin is different, it can be quite hard to find the right treatments. Beauty comes from the inside out, your skin is sometimes a reflection of your health and lifestyle.

If your skin looks great, you feel great, right? So nurture your skin, just like you are nurturing your body. Eat healthily and eat a lot of veggies (it really helps!). By doing this, you can create a younger-looking, healthy and glowy skin. 

So yes – looking good and feeling good sounds great. But we haven’t even talked about the self-care aspect of it. Creating a skin care routine can give you some me time. Put on some zen music, treat your hair with a mask and take your time. If you feel overwhelmed, a routine can be a tool to relax and reflect.

No matter your skin issues or concerns, you’ll come a long way with some basic steps. However, it’s good to determine your skin type and to buy products that are developed for this.

Examples of skin types are:


Why choose natural skin care products?

We always recommend using sustainable, natural products. Why? If we look at the ingredients in the packaging, you’ll come across terms like ‘Petrolatum’.

Not many people know, that a lot of our food and also cosmetic products contain microplastics. These are not only a risk to our oceans and marine life, they are also a risk to our health.

Big brands are greenwashing their products, this means they are not as sustainable as they appear to be. We have been guilty of it in the past, buying products blindly, without knowing what is actually in there.

Substances such as SLS and other chemicals are often added to the products we use on our skin. That’s why we always recommend using natural products, ecomersh’s products don’t contain any plastics at all and therefore definitely no microplastics.

The choice is simple: choose natural. Natural products are easier for the skin. Products that are made with certain oils and natural vitamins have lots of nutrients that are beneficial for a healthy skin.

In this skin care routine article, we will only recommend sustainable products that are good for your skin and good for this planet.

Skin Care Routine Steps

Step 1. Cleanse 

Let’s say you have a dirty plate and you just cooked dinner, you wouldn’t serve it on that plate, would you? The same goes with cleansing your face.

We recommend that you double cleanse your face, just to make sure it is fully cleansed before applying any other products. For this, you can use a cleansing soap. Gently massage the cleaning product into the skin, rinse well and pat with a soft and clean dry towel.

Step 2. Apply a natural toner

A natural toner is easier/softer for the skin, gently removes impurities, and hydrates. This 3-in-1 cleanser contains aloe vera, which helps the skin to recover. Synthetic toners often contain alcohol, which makes the skin very dry. So if you have dry skin, be extra careful with choosing a toner.

For a skin care routine that is sustainable, we recommend using reusable facial pads, they can be used for applying and removing products.

Step 3. Moisturise

Whatever skin type you have, moisturising is always important. It literally feeds the skin, leaving it soft and flexible. Our motto: moisturise each day. 

If you have oily skin, choose your skin products carefully as they could block your pores. Try oil-free alternatives and creams that are not too heavy.

Step 4. Eye cream

A lot of people use their moisturiser throughout their face, including the area around the eyes. The skin is much thinner around the eyes and a day/night cream alone does not offer enough protection. It really needs a different product. Check out this Seaweed & Aloe Revitalising Eye Gel which is a great way to take care of delicate skin areas around the eyes.

Step 5. Sunscreen (SPF of 30+)

We hear you thinking.. why wear sunscreen when it’s not sunny, or even cloudy? Well, it protects your skin from UV Rays. Even if you can’t see the sun, there are still ultraviolet rays coming through the clouds, which can damage your skin.

Wearing sunscreen has several benefits such as preventing skin cancer and sunspots and wrinkles. There are also lots of great skincare products that contain SPF in their formulation.


A skin care routine requires time and the right products that match your skin type. The skin care industry can be overwhelming, but we recommend sticking to the products that don’t have too many technical terms on the packaging and that contain natural ingredients. 

Treat your skin with a mask once a week, for extra hydration. The same goes for scrubbing, once a week is more than enough to remove dead skin cells and give your skin a boost.

Oh, and don’t forget the rest of your body! You can always apply body butter or lotion after a shower. 

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