Mother’s Day Gift: Eco Friendly Gift Ideas For Your Mum

Mother’s Day is around the corner and what better to gift your mum than natural & reusable products that are good for her and for our planet. It’s sometimes hard to find the right gifts, but not to worry, we are here to give you a little help.

Mother’s Day Gifts for 2022

I think we can all agree that the first few months of the year flew by, it feels like the world is (finally) opening up again. 

However, if you look carefully, the first blossoms can be seen and the days are getting longer and longer. Yay! Spring is almost here and so is Mother’s Day. 

Treat your mum and treat yourself. Because we all deserve some extra love after a cold winter period. But how? With gifts of course!

So have a look at our selection of Mother’s Day Gifts and don’t forget to get a gift for yourself too.

Self Care Gift Ideas

What’s better than self-care? Your mum deserves some time for herself and the right products will help her relax even more. Think natural soaps, body lotion, and scrubs – all handmade and eco-friendly.

This Self Care Gift Set called Aphrodite Razors includes a scrub, shaving soaps, and moisturising bars. It comes in a lovely box and we’re sure it will leave your mum relaxed and refreshed.


Does your mum enjoy a nice bath to relax? If the answer is yes, you can treat her with this Himalayan Pink Salt & Coconut Bath Mylk. It’s completely vegan and full of essential oils and includes natural ingredients of course.


Handmade products are created with care. Why not go for a Pamper Set with special & unique gifts? The packaging of this pamper set is 100% recyclable, even the ribbon is made from recycled wood pulp. 


Fashion Accessories Gift Ideas

In a life full of trends, remain classic! Why? Timeless accessories can last a lifetime and are always easy to combine. These items are of high quality and ethically sourced.

If your mum loves gold accessories, this paperclip bracelet will be a great addition to her collection. It’s a bracelet you can wear every day, worn solo or layered. 


This is something else… We bet you have never heard of this: jewellery sourced from banana trees. We realise that sounds funny, but look at this beautiful necklace below! Banana fibre is a sustainable material as it requires low water and energy consumption. Something special to give on Mother’s Day.


It’s still ‘officially’ winter and it can be quite chilly outside. But even in spring and summer, this hemp and cotton hoodie can keep you warm during colder evenings. Besides that it’s nice and warm, it’s timeless and you (and your mum) can wear it anytime. Oh, also good to know: it is so soft that you don’t want to take it off!


Sustainable Gift Ideas

Next to Self Care Products and Accessories, we have some other gift ideas that might inspire you. Have a look at these surprising ways to make gift wrap, greetings cards and gifting sustainable.

This gift is the perfect match for a mum who loves crafts and wants to make it more sustainable. An embroidery kit that is completely plastic-free. The result? After the crafting fun, you can enjoy a lovely rose bouquet.

A special gift, these card gift set are not just lovely cards. For each set you buy, 5 trees will be planted for the Eden Reforestation Projects. This card gift set includes 5 recycled cards, envelopes, and even seed tokens which you can plant at home & will grow into plants that help bees. A gift card with a story, which your mum will appreciate.

Do you have a favourite yet? Well, whatever gift you have in mind, it’s always nice to giftwrap it. These cotton gift bags are fun to give and can be reused anytime. Cute, right? Oh and good to know, the blue and red ones are 3 for £24 and will last a lifetime.


We wish a wonderful Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mothers out there. Enjoy!