Meet The Innovators – Siyana London

What inspired you to create your brand? How did the business start?   

I always had a keen interest in textiles, especially handloom. I was always fascinated with the process of how textiles are made or rather weaved by hand. As a young girl, I visited a lot of handloom workshops but never thought that one day, I will start working so closely with the industry.

 I joined my family’s packaging business as soon as I finished my MBA (Master of Business Administration) but my passion for textiles and handicrafts did not fade. During my spare time, I started attending handicrafts exhibitions, Import and Export handicrafts shows and basically started to understand the different arts and crafts in India. I soon realized that this was my true calling. When I got married and moved to London, the city granted me the perfect canvas to explore and pursue my passion for ethical, sustainable fashion. Now, every brand pursues sustainability differently, but for me sustainability is to support each and every part of the overall process — whether it’s human, environmental or social. Siyana London supports artisans to follow fair trade practices. Environmentally, we consume as little power and water as possible. And as for the social impact, we encourage employing women weavers for what was a predominantly male occupation. We are also working with leprosy-affected artisans and giving them a chance to showcase their talent in London. This is how sustainability translates into our work culture.

What makes your products special? What is the thing that separates you from your competitors?

Our tag line is “Handcrafted Stories” each product that we sell has a story and a purpose. We find a large proportion of our customers really appreciate the story behind the product and this is the key motivator. All the accessories at Siyana London are made with passion by our artisans. We try as far as possible to write the names of our artisans on the products, so that the customer knows who has made their product. This adds value and uniqueness to the brand. Our association with NGOs helps us further adhere to our values.

What about your products is sustainable and plastic free? How and what have you changed or altered to make the products zero plastic, zero waste or sustainable?

Yes, All our products are plastic-free and sustainable. We provide end to end sustainable solutions to our customers right from selecting the product to delivery of the product. We use recyclable packaging solutions. In terms of making the product, all our products are made with there is very minimal usage of electricity, this helps us in reducing carbon footprint from the environment.  

What is your best seller or favourite product in your line?

The Meenkashi Organic Cotton Scarf has been popular as has been the Indigo Organic Cotton Scarf and the Neelam Scarf.