Meet The Innovators – Save My Knickers

Check out our latest in the Meet The Innovators series. We recently caught up with Lucy from Save My Knickers.

Blood stains happen.  It’s a fact of life.  But now you can save your knickers from the drab end of the drawer.  Save My Knickers is helping solve this problem with a mighty stain removing powder – check out our interview below to find out how to be comfortable and confident in your favourite knickers every day of the month.

What inspired you to create your brand? How did the business start?

From personal experience, I was so fed up with ruining my knickers, clothing and bedding due to those inevitable blood stains that 18 months ago I decided I needed to find a solution. 

I experimented in my kitchen and countless pairs of undies later I found a formulation that worked!!  I could successfully remove blood stains from my knickers, hooray! It was after I started telling my family and friends about the magic I had discovered that I realized I wasn’t the only women out there that had lost new knickers, favourite jeans or crisp white bedsheets to these annoying blood stains.  That’s when I realized I couldn’t keep this a secret any more and that’s when Save My Knickers was born.

I am so proud to say that after the months of hard work, blood (literally!), sweat, tears that Save My Knickers is now available to women throughout the UK so they can save their undies too

What makes your products special? What is the thing that separates you from your competitors?

Save My Knickers has been designed specifically to remove blood stains.  We are reliably effective getting squeaky clean results time and time again you don’t have to put up with the way it’s always been.

What about your products is sustainable and plastic free? How and what have you changed or altered to make the products zero plastic, zero waste or sustainable?

Save My Knickers is packaged in beautiful fully recyclable cardboard tubes and the safety cap is tinplate, which is also widely recycled.  Our shipping packaging is also plastic free too!  We want to reduce the number of pairs of knickers, items of clothing and beautiful bed sheets that get thrown away or hidden in the back of the drawer.  We promote reducing waste and reusing what we have by saving knickers!