5 Shaving Blades | Replacement for Aphrodite Razors


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A box of five shaving blades. Perfect for both the Rose Gold and Sophisticated Silver Aphrodite Razors.


5 double edge blades.

Shipped plastic-free, in recyclable materials.

Recycle your blades easily at your local recycling centre or return them to us if it’s easier for you.



To load or change the blade – simply twist the handle to unscrew the head. Remove the plates and also separate them. Place the blade in the top plate then replace the bottom plate (so the blade is sandwiched in the middle). When assembled correctly, you’ll see the ribbed lines facing upward. Reattach and also screw in the handle, making sure it’s tight!

To shave – Aphrodite Razors are weighted to apply all the pressure you need for a silky smooth shave. So our number one rule when using our razor is “please don’t add any pressure.” Adding pressure increases your chances of cuts as well as grazes. Shave using short, smooth strokes. Any areas where the skin is loose, pull it tight.

Be delicate over bony areas like shins, kneecaps and also ankles. Ease up on the pressure. Add more soap or shaving balm to those areas and go over them slowly and with super short strokes.

Control the angle of the blade as you shave, keep the angle at about 30 degrees relative to your skin.

After shaving – pat dry your skin, rinse the razor under the water stream (with a little bit of soap if you prefer) and also leave it to dry outside the shower or water stream to get most of its lifetime potential.