Reusable Cotton Pads | Surprise Prints


New addition to our facial care and goes along well with our cleansing balm are these beautiful handmade reusable cotton pads made in the UK by a fellow small business.

The consumption of water and the removal of wildlife habitats to make way for agricultural land to grow cotton. To use this cotton for only one use seems horrifying when you think about how much damage it causes! To make matters worse, disposable cotton pads come wrapped in single-use plastic.

Luckily, these Makeup Pad alternatives are reusable. This helps to minimise the impact of the cotton industry.

These reusable pads are easy to use. They are quite robust and will last a long time. Its just like using a bath towel use-wash-repeat.

Photo is for illustrative purposes only – a random selection of patterned fabric will be used to create your pack.

• Approx, 3 inches diameter
• Machine wash with similar colours – absorbency will increase after washing.


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