Hand Made Tree Free Notebook | A6 And A5


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Perfect gift for eco friendly and planet conscious – upcycled paper which is a part of circular economy.

Handmade with perfection and elegance. A gift that makes the connection with nature and brings peace.

Lets the change the we gift and also be more eco friendly and sustainable.

More about the Hand crafted Notebook:

  • 60 unruled pages Each
  • Notebook cover – 350gsm
  • Inner pages – 80 gsm
  • Pages – Plain pages
  • Book Sizes – a5 & a6
  • Book Cover – Dark Mauve with a Black stripe
  • Paper – off-white colour, handmade and created with cotton rags
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly paper

Created from 100% tree-free paper and it is upcycled as well as recycled; while these gorgeous designs have been specially designed to make them visually appealing.

As a natural product, cotton is completely biodegradable, which means that it breaks down when put into a composting pile or bin. That makes a perfect reason for it to be turned into paper.

Paper is made of cellulose and water. Cotton contains high cellulose that can also be turned into high quality, chemical-free paper.

Cotton rag paper is the perfect example of tree-free, upcycled as well as recycled paper.