Azra Hammam Towel In Teal


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An ethically sourced, teal Turkish peshmetal made from 100% organic cotton.

We created this ethically sourced peshmetal handwoven using soft cotton on traditional wooden looms in Turkey. Lightweight, highly absorbent and requiring very little space in your travel bag. This teal, zigzag design hammam towel is also the perfect holiday accessory. It can also be used as a blanket, bedspread or sofa throw making it a household essential item in the decoration of interiors. It also makes a great birthday gift.

This naturally made eco towel is a pretty easy-care towel that will soften with every wash. It is especially great for any outdoor activities with no washing facilities readily available. You can simply rinse and hang your hammam towel to air dry. You can lay on it, dry off with it or wear it sarong style.