Wooden Dish Brush With Replaceable Head


Auklett’s dishwashing or pot scrubber brush is perfect replacement for plastic scrubbing brushes.

Made with Sisal a natural fibrous plant, stainless steel and natural wood. These brushes are designed to last and the brush head can be replaced when spent. Extend the life of your brush by allowing it to dry between uses and regularly cleaning the head with natural cleaning solution to remove bacteria.

This brush is a plastic free alternative, the sisal and wood can be composted and metal recycled. This brush can be used with conventical dish soap, dish soap bar or DIY cleaning products. Perfect for dishes and post but can be used around the house as part of cleaning regime. Our dish washing brush is a perfect starter for plastic free dishwashing and kitchen.

The packaging is plastic free and compostable.


L – 25cm

In stock

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