Wax Wrap Refresher Block


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Refresher bar for beeswax food wraps, mixed of beeswax, jojoba oil and pine resin.

Use this bar to refresh your well-used wraps or to make your new wrap.
Upcycle that 100% cotton bed sheet into wraps!

Includes 1 bar of 30 grams that is perfect to refresh 3 medium wraps or make a new sandwich wrap.

How to use?

In your oven (not recommend in a gas oven)

Simply grate a small amount of beeswax over your wrap and pop on some oven baking paper, on an oven tray in a warm oven (100-120 degrees).
Watch while the wax melts should take 2 min maximum.
Remove and leave to cool.

With a flat iron

Grate beeswax block. lay your chosen fabric on baking paper, spread the grated wax on top of your fabric and add another baking paper on top of that. Heat your iron to the maximum and iron over the baking paper. Let the wax melt and spread with pressure.
Open the baking paper and take the wrap with careful is HOT and leave to cool.

Wax remains HOT for quite a time when removed from the oven.

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