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Completely natural deodorant stick 75g made with lots of lovely moisturising high quality ingredients, toxin, aluminium and palm oil free. Allows your skin to breath naturally by not blocking up your sweat glands.

All ingredients are vegan friendly and the cardboard tube is recyclable.

Bergamot essential oil been used for years as a natural deodorant. This oil is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and is a powerful disinfectant. Lavender essential oil, anti-septic qualities prevents the infections that cause body odour.


Organic Coconut oil works to kill bacteria growth. This is what happens when sweat interacts with your body and causes body odour. Therefore, it’s getting rid of the problem of body odour in a totally natural way, instead of just masking the scent like non-natural deodorants.

Organic Shea Butter is naturally anti-bacterial, it helps eliminate the bacteria that can build up under your arms that can cause both odour and pimples. It is also non-comedogenic, unlike many other moisturizers and won’t clog your pores.

Arrowroot allows the deodorant to be applied onto your skin without any greasy residue. It will sit on the skin helping to absorb perspiration throughout the day helping to keep you fresh.

Mango butter has lots of yummy vitamins and fatty acids for your under arms to enjoy. Mango butter also adds a nice creamy texture

Candelilla Wax is a natural thickener and emulsifier that adds texture to a formula and prevents oils and liquids from separating. The creamy consistency also makes for smooth applications.

Sodium bicarbonate has the ability to absorb sweat and, due to its antibacterial properties, it takes curbing odour a step further. This valuable mineral balances your skin’s natural pH and it also inhibits bacteria which means it’s deodorizing and brings ongoing freshness.

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