Natural Woven Storage Basket | Dark Blue Basket


Natural Abaca fibre intertwined and handwoven by our artisans in the Philippines.

Made from ABACA, a family of banana tree, which is native in our home country, Philippines. Abaca fibre has many uses. Not only for making decorations for our home, it is also believed to be use for making teabags and banknotes – it is also known as hemp and has similarities to sisal plant.

The material used is environmental friendly fibre as it is biodegradable and almost no pesticides or fertilizers are used in its cultivation.

Stackable storage when bought with other designs.

Basket for plants
Log storage/baskets
Storage for toys, towels, throws, pillows etc
Laundry Basket
Storage in the kitchen or office
Unique Decorative Storage

Dimensions are as follows

Diameter 55cm
Height 50cm

In stock

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