Kids Steel Divider Plate with Cutlery and Cup


A genius product to keep the food on your plate separated especially for fussy toddlers who like to see what they are eating. Great for outdoors, BBQ, camping, picnics this tray is an excellent replacement for disposable plates. The sea world design is a hit amongst children and guess what the plate won’t break if it falls making it virtually unbreakable. Also as part of the bundle is the steel cutlery and a steel cup.

Let’s introduce eco-friendly to our children!

Product specs

  • Set includes – Tray with 3 compartments, cutlery containing spoon and fork, steel cup
  • Dimensions 28*25*10cm
  • Material Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Like any other metal, it’s not microwave safe

In stock

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