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*  This listing is for the pendant only, for chains please visit: this link *

18k Gold Vermeil, raw birthstone pendant charms. Please note this is for the pendant charm only. They can be worn alongside any of the necklaces and earrings from the Harfi collection.

These birthstone pendants are a beautiful collection of different coloured crystals, which each correlate to one month of the year, and will hold meaning that is true to the wearer. These simple raw birthstone pendants are made from real and raw gemstones with a gold finished.

These pendants will make a special personalised gift and are also perfect for adding to Harfi’s charm earrings and necklaces!

Material: 18k Gold Vermeil

Gemstone Shape: Natural

Gemstone size: 10-12mm

1. Garnet: January Birthstone

2. Amethyst: February Birthstone

3. Aquamarine: March Birthstone

4. Herkimer Diamond. April Birthstone

5. Emerald: May Birthstone

6. Rainbow Moonstone: June Birthstone

7. Ruby: July Birthstone

8. Peridot: August Birthstone

9. Sapphire: September Birthstone

10. Rose Quartz: October Birthstone

11. Citrine: November Birthstone

12. Tanzanite: December Birthstone

*Please note that all sizes and also weights are approximate by a margin of ≠ 10%. Due to the handcrafted production. Naturally sourced each semi-precious stone will vary slightly from those pictured. This is all part of its charm and also why each piece is truly unique*

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Garnet – January, Amethyst – February, Aquamarine – March, Herkimer Diamond – April, Raw Emerald – May, Moonstone – June, Ruby – July, Peridot – August, Sapphire – September, Rose Quartz – October, Citrine – November, Tanzanite – December