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Green Clean – Safe – Inexpensive & It Really Cleans Everything

Eco-friendly All-purpose Cleaner Degreaser Green

All-Purpose Cleaner Green Clean Makes 5-10 bottles of Super Eco-Friendly Cleaner

Green Clean – Safe – Inexpensive & It Really Cleans Everything

SPECIAL OFFER 5 sachets (makes 5 bottles) for just £3.99 or 10 sachets (makes 10 bottles) for £6.99 – Eco-friendly All-Purpose cleaner

Green Clean is eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe to use around you, your family, pets and our planet too.
A new super-concentrated cleaning powder that is packaged into small sachets. Once mixed with water becomes a super cleaner degreaser that simplifies cleaning, saving you storage space, cleaning time and huge amounts of money too.

Green Laurels supply Green Clean in individual sachets that will last the average household up to 1 year,

What does Green Clean do?
It will replace virtually every cleaning product you’re currently using including.

Bathroom, cleaning mirrors, baths, shower cubical, floors, sinks, tiles and grout.

Use Green Clean in the kitchen de-greasing cooker hoods, filters, ovens, worktops, microwaves, fridges.

Carpets and rugs as well as removing of stains on clothing, leather and plastics.

Cars, Caravans and Boats

Green Clean is an astonishing cleaner de-greaser that is safe to use on all types of paintwork including gelcoats and wood surfaces.

In fact, Green Clean with its advanced unique formula will just about clean any surface tackling the toughest of grease and grime.

How do you mix Green Clean?

Tear open the sachet and pour the contents into a clean recycled spray bottle and mix with ordinary tap water replace the trigger head and shake well. Spray onto any surface wait a few seconds and wipe clean.

Purchase without a spray bottle

You can purchase Green Clean without a spray bottle to reuse your existing spray bottle. Save the planet by re using your current items.

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