Zero Waste Guide – Your New Year’s Resolutions Guide For 2022

Bye bye 2021, hello 2022! The New Year is around the corner and we bet you already have some New Year’s resolutions in mind. This could include some clichés like exercise more, eat healthier or a better balance between work and time off. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – however, have you already thought about sustainability in 2022?

Zero waste basically means you try to reuse, recycle and compost as much as possible. It’s a sustainable way of living, helping the world to tackle the climate crisis. 

The zero waste method is such a great resolution for the New Year, so why not give it a try?

Oh and if you’re up for it – Veganuary is a great start to live consciously. Veganuary challenges people to eat vegan for a month, in January. We think it’s a great combo with this New Year’s Resolutions Guide.

10 Zero Waste Tips for 2022

To make your life easier, we created a list for you with 10 tips for zero waste in 2022.

Even if they’re just baby steps, it’s easy to start with one of these tips. When you’re ready, you could make a start with other tips on our list, it’s up to you!

Use a reusable water bottle

We all know drinking plenty of water is good for us. However, when we are in a hurry we tend to forget to bring our own bottle. It’s so easy to go into a shop and buy a plastic alternative, however this is not a sustainable option and just a waste of plastic really.

So why not use your own reusable water bottle and fill it with filtered water everytime you leave the house. Now you’re never thirsty and never buying plastic again. 

Zero Waste shopping & preserving food at home

Good news, zero waste shops are popping up everywhere and it’s such an amazing way to buy your food. These shops have zero to little packaging and you can literally scoop food out of trays and into your own reusable container. Products in supermarkets that are normally wrapped in plastic film can be such a waste. It is usually all thrown away at home and into landfill due the difficulties with recycling thin, brittle plastic.

There’s also no need to use unnecessary packaging, canning is a perfect way to enjoy your food without the negative impact on the environment. We still eat melons in the winter and kale in the summer, while these are not products that are normally available during this time of the year. Canning makes our products last and is plastic free!

 Make it cyclical

A recent study found that we are producing products at a rate of almost two thirds what the earth is built for. In order to bring our consumption back in line with what mother nature can afford to give us, we need to make changes that avoid unnecessary waste. It’s often the things that we don’t think of as a problem that end up contributing to the problem. Save money and waste over time with these awesome sustainable Unpaper Towels which are both natural and reusable – standing the test of time and able to go back to the earth when no longer needed. 

Go thrift shopping

We bet thrift shopping became more popular after Macklemore’s big hit: thrift shop. Remember that one? Buying second hand goodies is the way to go! Furniture, clothing, you name it. Thrift shopping is fun and unique. You can find real treasures in these shops and also from sellers that upcycle natural fabrics & materials. So if you want to go shopping, go thrift shopping and choose to reuse.

Make it yourself

Who says buying is the only way to get the products you love? DIY stands for Do It Yourself and we say YES to that. Products like toothpaste or body lotion are easy to DIY. Afterwards you’ll feel so proud you’ve created these products yourself, it really is rewarding. Tip: our ‘Make it Yourself Oatmilk kit’ is reusable and the perfect tool to create homemade oat milk. Sounds delicious, right?

Bring a reusable coffee cup

We already talked about a reusable water bottle, but what about one for coffee? If you’re a coffee lover it is most likely you’re getting your latte to go daily at your local coffee shop. We know, bringing a water bottle and a coffee cup everyday is not very useful. However, you could keep your water bottle at your office, and bring your coffee cup with you! So there’s no need to stuff everything in your bag. Have you seen our orange sustainable takeaway coffee cup yet?

Zero Waste composting

Did you know organic waste is the perfect fertiliser for your plants and flowers? It improves the soil structure and keeps plants healthy. Veggies and fruits are perfect to create your own compost, a great zero waste solution. A great source for this compost exists in a lot of the packaging for products on our platform – for example this soothing lip balm in a cute little compostable tube

Zero Waste meals, served up in Zero Waste bowls

Before ordering food or shopping at your nearest supermarket, first have a look at what’s left within your fridge. It makes you creative and the meals can be as delicious as you’re used to. Just Google the ingredients that you have left and voila: a delicious recipe pops up. Make do and mend in suitably sustainable style with this beautiful Coconut Bowl Set from the Little Broccoli that will help zhuzh up any meal and go back to the earth when it’s no longer needed.

Bring your own shopper

Okay, this is such a simple fix but still easy to forget to bring with you on a daily basis. More and more supermarkets are banning plastic bags and this makes it even more necessary to bring your own. We don’t mean a plastic bag of course, but a reusable (cotton) bag that stays with you forever. Easy to fold and bring with you, so you always have a space for those last minute groceries. 

Swap to vegan wax wraps

Say goodbye to cling film which can take decades to break down into microplastics. Reusable food wraps are better for the planet and for your wallet, because you only have to buy them once and simply keep fresh with new blocks of vegan wax. Oh – and it’s such a nice alternative as these wax wraps come with different patterns and colours. The vegan wax wraps are perfect to add to your Veganuary challenge!

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