The Case For A Green Friday

Black Friday has been a trend for a lot longer than you might think – not in the same way as it is today, but as a general trend of something that runs in tandem with the American Holiday calendar. The first mention of Black Friday was in 1961 when it was used to describe the wall of foot traffic the day after Thanksgiving in Philadelphia. This was more a term of derision than of discounts and in that lies the symptom of the illness that has made the planet poorly.

More and more, the evidence is pointing to natural, cyclical and low mileage buys as one way to begin to remediate the world’s ills. You may have seen a lot of recent coverage in the news about COP26 and about the steps, or lack thereof, being taken. It is clear more than ever that it will take an army to slow the damage that is being done – we must hold accountable world leaders to their follies and fumbles – but with that said, we must all play our part in maintaining the world as a viable habitat for humans. Given the temperature projections, we must think of our children, their children and so on – we must act now, but what options are available to us?

This is why ecomersh. exists – we are the home of zero plastic sustainable solutions to everyday pollution offenders. From plastic shampoo & conditioner bottles to thin difficult to recycle plastic bags used to sell toilet rolls and brittle single use plastic cutlery.

It’s not that easy, however – there is more than just the plastic to consider. We must also look closely at how the product comes to us. And this is the most salient point, in this moment that we need to consider on today Friday 26th November 2021 – ‘Green Friday’.

On this day, Green Friday, think of one thing – what is the lifecycle of the product? This one question can take you to so many considerations – where will the product end up? Is it upcycled, recycled or repurposed? When it is thrown away, is it biodegradable or compostable so it will go back to the earth without releasing chemicals harmful to the environment?

We want to practice what we preach here at ecomersh. so on Green Friday we will continue to support and promote British small businesses that sell sustainable zero plastic products that promote slow living, cyclical consumption and naturally occurring ingredients that will go back to the earth without harming it.