Rainbow Reusable Facial Pads | Cleansing | Makeup Remover


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This listing is for a set of 10 reusable brushed cotton 3ply facial rounds. One side topped with fabrics and the other side soft brushed cotton.

Each round measures approx. 7cm diameter.

These are machine washable and also reusable. Perfect for saving you money in the long run as well as helping to make the planet greener.

Super for applying toner, cleansing, for use with water alone, coconut oil or also removing nail polish etc. Anything your usual disposable rounds would do.

For use with water based liquids simply scrunch up your round with the fluid in the middle to disperse it.

These work well with plain water and a smudge of soap too.


Care of your rounds: if you use with nail varnish remover, please be advised the nail varnish will stain the round.

Shrinking may occur after constant washing.

Wash in a cool wash and avoid tumble dryers to avoid shrinking.