Pincer Grasp | Eco Toys | Sustainable Toy for Babies


The pincer grasp toy can be presented to your baby from around 9 months, when you begin to notice the child working hard to grasp objects with the thumb and forefinger. The pincer grasp develops after the palmar grasp. As your child learns to successfully place the cylinder in the base and remove it, repetition, paired with the good control of error this simple toy provides, will build their focus and fine motor skills as your baby works at mastering the activity.

This tactile toy is made from solid Beech hardwood, measures 7 x 7 x 6 cm and is sanded to a beautiful silky finish – Kinder Woodcraft babies toys are left natural, not oiled or sealed. This gives the toy a beautifully natural appearance. It also creates antimicrobial properties, making them clean and safe for babies mouths.

All Kinder Woodcraft toys and learning resources are fully CE & UKCA tested. This ensures your child’s safety.


Vegan friendly

Eco friendly

Entirely plastic free

Recommended from 9 months

Shipping – Standard UK Delivery (4-7 Business Days).

In stock

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