Ochre Bed Linen Set


Bamboo fibres are softer and stronger than many alternative materials. This means that they can be woven more tightly and closely together which makes 300TC sheets feel more like 1000TC fabric.

Naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, bamboo fibers will help regulate your temperature as you sleep. Our sheets are naturally antibacterial and bamboo can be grown without nasty chemicals, so our bedding sets are all hypoallergenic.

Twenty-five percent of the world’s pesticides use is attributed to the cotton industry, whereas bamboo grows up to 3 feet a day without pesticides or fertiliser. Bamboo uses one tenth of cotton’s water consumption in growth and production.


Double Set

duvet cover: 200 x 200cm

fitted sheet: 140 x 190 x 35cm

2 x pillowcases: 50 x 75cm

King Set

duvet cover: 225 x 220cm

fitted sheet: 150 x 200 x 35cm

2 x pillowcases: 50 x 75cm

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