Keep Smiling Organic Kids T-Shirt


Keep smiling was created to boost people up in such tough times as well as spreading positive messages throughout the world! The rainbow has/is a huge symbol of current times so we wanted to make that the focus of the design. One half of the Brave Bees had just recently had a baby when the pandemic occurred isolating her and her baby from family and friends. Being a new mum is tough being a new mum at this time is so scary! When Jordan and her little boy wear this design it really does make her smile and lifts her spirit exactly what we hoped for when creating it ❤️

Why you’ll love it:

  • White 100% organic cotton.
  • You can match with any size up to 5XL
  • Super soft
  • All packaged beautifully in recycled and biodegradable material.
  • Printed to order by Gemma in line with our zero waste policy.
  • Turnaround:  1-7 days. Want it sooner? Not a problem –  just send us a message and we can normally make it the next day at no extra cost. We just like to limit electricity by making them in batches!
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