Gin & Tonic 100% Soy Wax Speakeasy Candle 200ml


1921 is the new range of Vintage Vegan Candle, based on the Speakeasy’s of the 1920s.

‘French 75’ is our premium Gin Candle. Top notes – Aldehydes, Green Lime, Middle Notes Cypress Herbaceous, Juniper Berry, Pine Bottom Notes Amber, Cedarwood, Moss, Wood.

Presentation – Hand poured into a vintage jam jar.
Gift box – Packed in a stylish kraft tube which optional but at no extra cost.

Personalise/Gift message – A gift tag can be added to this order.

Gift bag/Box –  We offer this for free but it is optional.

Candle info

Burn time – Approx 40 hours.
Size – 200ml.
Height – 88mm.
Diameter – 60mm.

In stock

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