FSC® Beech Wood Long Handled Dish Brush | Battle Green


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Whether it’s cleaning products, pre-packaged foods or utensils, kitchens can certainly generate a lot of waste – single-use plastic in particular! As with any room in your home, swapping out plastic for sustainable alternatives is a small change that can make a big difference.

Battle Green long handled dish brushes are approx 23cm long. Made from FSC® certified beech wood with coconut husk bristles. A natural and plastic free alternative to washing up brushes and pan scrubbers. Each brush has a smooth shape that feels lovely to hold, with robust coconut husk bristles. Perfect for cleaning grubby pots and pans!

The Forest Stewardship Council certification allows buyers and sellers to rest assured that their wood products (bamboo is covered within this definition) are not only renewable, but that they come from responsibly managed forests, where steps are taken to ensure socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable practices.

Battle Green are FSC® certified (FSC®C134890). Look for our FSC®-certified products. For more information on the FSC, visit www.fsc-uk.org.