Meet The Innovators – Sylvie from Sewn 4 U

As part of our Meet The Innovators series, this week we had the pleasure of talking with the founder of Sewn 4 U, Sylvie. Her story is an incredibly inspiring one that shows the strength of local UK communities during the pandemic and the beautiful plastic free sustainable creations that came from it.

Now Sylvie has decided to share her creations with the world and we are proud to be listing her creations on the ecomersh. platform. Today we take a closer look into her story and what brought her making her creations which are both kind to the earth and the user.

What inspired you to create your brand? How did the business start?

Before the pandemic, I mainly sewed for myself. During the pandemic, like many sewers, I made items for local carers and nurses. When the workload eased off, I realised I wanted to continue making items for others. I wasn’t sure what but, saddened by the sight of so many single-use masks littering our streets, I knew it would have to be something to help reduce waste. When a friend mentioned reusable sanitary pads, it sounded like a great concept.

What makes your products special?

All my sanitary products are made to order, therefore they can be customised, to meet specific requirements. I even once made pads for a dog called Miffy, an adorable cocker spaniel, to protect her mammary tumors.

What about your products is sustainable and plastic free? How and what have you changed or altered to make the products zero plastic, zero waste or sustainable?

I only use plant-based fabrics. I don’t use plastic snaps buttons. Depending on the fabric I’m working with, I either use brass fasteners or 2-hole buttons made from coconut shells. I’ve also switched to cotton threads rather than use polyester.

Very little fabric goes to waste. I created a couple of designs so that I could make use of tiny pieces of left over fabric.

What is your best seller or favourite product in your line?

My favourite product is not a product as such but a service I offer and hope will develop over the years: making reusable pads using customer’s worn-out or beyond repair garments. Clients have sent me dresses or old T-shirts, which I’ve turned into pads for them. With the remnants, I’ve made pads for the local foodbank. To me, this is what reduce, re-use and recycle is all about.

Get in touch here if you would like to use this service.