Plastic Free Community – My Soft Skin

For Amy from My Soft Skin, it all started two years ago with a crazy idea. She has always wanted to pursue a passion that would be able to inspire people. Skincare definitely changed her life and helped her feeling better during difficult times. This is the same uplifting feeling she wants to bring to those who use her products. We spoke to Amy to find out how she hopes she will be able to make the world a bit better by making eco-friendly and plastic free products whilst also helping people relax, enjoy & make a change.

What inspired you to create your brand? How did the business start?

When the pandemic started and lockdown happened, it changed my plans for the future. I was supposed to save money to take an international exam but I lost my job as a nanny because of the situation and couldn’t save any money. I had to ask myself many questions and that is when the idea of starting my own business came out. I’ve worked for a French beauty/skincare company for a year and a half, but I have always been passionate about skin and body care.

As ridiculous as it may sound, when life was tough on me, looking after my skin was a pleasant and comforting distraction – it really eased my mind. I am also very committed to saving and protecting our planet, and all of this combined together made me create My Soft Skin.

What makes your products special? What is the thing that separates you from your competitors?

I want to make the best products for my customers as I understand the feeling of looking for skin and body care suitable for your skin types. I have struggled with this all my life that’s why I want to offer my customers products that will suit their skin types, help their skin issues as well as being affordable. I carefully select each and every single one of the ingredients that I am using to make my products, so I know they will have the best quality possible for their skin.

What about your products is sustainable and plastic free? How and what have you changed or altered to make the products zero plastic, zero waste or sustainable?

When it comes to the packaging, I made the promise of not using plastic, so all my products are put in reusable and recyclable jars, containers and craft papers. I am doing my best with my little brand not to pollute or bring more waste on our planet which is already suffering enough.

What is your best seller or favourite product in your line?

I really love my products and it’s really hard to choose a favourite, but I would say the body butter is one of My Soft Skin’s best products because it’s really smooth and smells amazing! I never heard a bad word about it and it’s my customers’ favourite at the moment, even if my new hand balm is catching up.