Funky Soap Shop 10-Year Anniversary Giveaway

“After making my first soap it was like a passion bordering on obsession and I never stopped!”

Regeneration, Passion & Development. Three words to describe the incredible 10-year story of Funky Soap Shop from Anni making her first cold pressed soaps in her kitchen in September 2011, constantly renewing and developing into working from 3 units in London to support the demand.

Indeed, the care and attention taken by the Funky Soap Shop team exemplifies the passion at the core of this brilliant small business. In the face of the difficulties of maintaining sustainable, natural and plastic free production, they have stayed the course over their 10-year history to ensure all products; are not tested on animals, have no harmful SLS or Parabens, and maintain plastic free sustainable packaging. They carry the Leaping Bunny Certificate which ensures they do not test on animals or purchase from companies that do.

These are values which Anni has kept from day one since the first days, September 2011 in her kitchen. There she was, making cold pressed soaps with the first mold trays crafted by and given to her by her father. The early days were not without difficulty however – the first hiccup coming in her kitchen with an injury for her husband to attend to. From this it is clear to see it has always been a family effort and indeed a family business. So often, the sustainable small businesses that succeed and thrive are a joint effort and champion the togetherness of the sustainable movement.

This togetherness has helped the business grow from a kitchen to a base with three units in East London and a fantastic team of people working day in and day out to produce some of the best sustainably sourced and made shampoos, soaps, cosmetic and home cleaning products out there.

To say a massive thank you and give back to the community of customers and friends built over the years, Funky Soap Shop has teamed up with ecomersh. to champion sustainable small businesses and create a giveaway of 3 plastic free sustainable gift boxes – 1 for each production unit that Funky Soap Shop has been able to move into from fantastic support of the sustainable community.

Funky Soap Shop 10-Year Anniversary Giveaway | ecomersh. (

In addition to this for the next two weeks from September 17th until October 1st, we are running the discount code 10YEARS on all Funky Soap Shop products on the ecomersh. platform.

Please join us in saying a massive congratulations to Anni and her team for this fantastic achievement.