Eco Friendly Products – Trends In 2022

Eco Friendly Products are the future and they are making a big impact in the world we all live in. You probably ended up on this page because you’re interested in buying Eco Friendly Products. A great first step.  In this article we’ll show you the latest sustainability trends in 2022 and products we love/recommend. So what are you waiting for, scroll down!

Why are Eco Friendly Products important?

As you probably know, buying Eco Friendly Products is a great start for creating a better and greener environment. The companies that produce these products know the importance of sustainable goods that produce less waste and zero plastic waste.

Did you know almost everything we buy contains plastic? Even veggies and fruits are wrapped in (unnecessary) plastic in most supermarkets. But what happens with all this plastic waste? Some facts about plastic:

  • 8 million tons of waste ends up in the ocean each year. 
  • There is 6 x more plastic in our blue waters than plankton. Marine animals are eating this and this causes deaths as they mistake the plastic for food (shocking, right?).
  • Plastic contains several additives which makes it more durable, flexible and makes the material even last longer than it already does. This causes an estimate of 400 years before plastic can (finally) break down (source National Geographic). 

This is why we launched our plastic free platform ecomersh. Offering products that will reduce our environmental impact and even correct some of our impacts on the environment. However, it’s not just for the environment, it’s also important for you. Eco Friendly Products contain less potentially toxic chemicals and more natural ingredients.

Sustainability has become a trend, or even better, the new norm. And it’s about time! This brings new opportunities and new products to the market. You might have read our Zero Waste Tips guide with tips and tricks to reduce your carbon footprint. Well, these products do the same. Innovating, fresh and new! Have a look at some Eco Friendly Products that should be on your shopping list in 2022.

Eco Laundry Detergent

Did you know most laundry detergents pollute the water and air? They contain artificial fragrances and dyes. A new development has brought Eco Laundry Detergent soaps on the market. They don’t come in those big, plastic bottles that are non recyclable. Instead these ‘Serious Soaps’ don’t contain any plastic at all. These strips dissolve completely, just throw your clothes in the washing machine and add one strip. 


Natural Dishwashing Paste

Natural dishwashing paste that leaves your dishes shiny and fresh. With the status quo of perennially plasticated dishwashing liquid it felt impossible that anything else should exist but here it is – natural dishwashing paste. Just add a little bit to your brush and start cleaning. If you have sensitive skin this product is perfect and suitable for your hands. 

Again, with zero plastic and a reusable jar, this product is good for you and good for the planet.

Eco Friendly Dish Brush

Speaking of the dishes, have you thought about a plastic alternative? Millions of plastic dish brushes are thrown away every year. Are you still using a plastic one? Break the cycle – if you need a new dish brush to clean your dishes, we recommend buying a sustainable one.

This bamboo dish brush is plastic free and recyclable. If the brush has been used long enough, you can buy a replaceable head and recycle the old one in your compost litter.

Eco Toilet Paper

We hear you think.. an eco trend for toilet paper? Well, the answer is yes! Bye bye boring plastic encased toilet paper, because normal toilet paper is so 2021. 

Crazy fact: the average adult uses 384 trees-worth of toilet roll in their lifetime. Shocking, right? Serious Tissues Toilet Paper produces their rolls in the UK with no plastic involved, and only uses recycled paper without chemicals. For every roll you buy, Serious Tissues will plant a tree. Trees are the greatest source of carbon and as forests are cut down every minute, planting new trees is a great start. So, just roll with it!

Zero Waste Konjac Sponges

A completely biodegradable skincare routine alternative: konjac sponges! Never heard of them? These sponges are made out of the konjac plant, a root vegetable that is growing in different parts of Asia. They can be used to clean your face so can fit in nicely to your skincare routine to replace those pesky plastic sponges. Konjac sponges are extremely gentle for your skin which makes them perfect for almost every skin type.

Because these sponges are very gentle you can use them daily to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells.

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