Earth Day Is Every Day

Earth Day, celebrated annually on the 22nd of April, is a great way to raise awareness, get people involved and make a change. The question is: do the changes stick?

The answer is very complicated but leads us to a common problem: communication. A study conducted in the USA and Australia showed that 93% of the population shows concern for the environment. This translated into 77% of those surveyed wanting to better understand how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.¹ Even though we wish that the percentage was higher, it is a staggering example when you look at per capita emissions – USA with 14.24 CO2 tonnes per capita and Australia at 15.37 tonnes per capita.² The challenge is clear, how do we better communicate and further engage with those who are already interested in sustainability?

This is something ecomersh. is building towards by creating an online marketing platform for sustainable sellers. Our objective is to: eliminate plastic use at the source by promoting cyclical, natural, and plastic free alternatives; while providing sustainable solutions to everyday carbon and energy guzzlers.

Considering the life cycle of a product is where we start. What is used to make the product? Will the product break up into toxic pieces in the environment? How long can you use it for? Which polluting product does it replace? Where can it be recycled or repurposed at end of life? Will it compost at end of its life?

This philosophy inspired Nathan, one of our Co-Founders, to come up with an energy efficient design for the platform which has created an end-to-end sustainable user experience. From the energy efficient design of the platform to the natural & cyclical products on it and all delivered in compostable packaging. That last part is very important to us: the most shameful waste society creates is single-use plastic packaging that is tossed after we receive a parcel. Compostable solutions exist and are available on our platform, paper tape being one of them. The problem of communication comes back: how to effectively communicate about all of the sustainable solutions that are available right now?

If this Earth Day is going to inspire you to take action, make that change stick – continue to solve that sustainable problem and tell people about the change you made. This for us, is the true meaning of Earth Day – it is not just one day, it is that spark of inspiration that has the potential to develop into a way of living. With pollution and energy usage at the heart of the environmental damage we are doing, we need to make every effort to stay below the 2°C global temperature rise or the safer if more difficult 1.5°C target and avoid the catastrophic consequences of a rise greater than 3°C.³ The future of the Earth is at stake and our future generations: today tell them that #EarthDayIsEveryDay