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Posted by Gemma Clegg on August 8, 2020

Happy Saturday! As you know every Saturday we love shouting out businesses, people and eco-friendly or organic products that we think are just awesome on our instagram page @thebravebees, so we thought, let’s delve a bit deeper into our favourite businesses and get them interviewed for our blog.

Today we have had the amazing opportunity to interview Rob from Ecomersh.

So tell us a bit about yourself!

Ecomersh is an environmentally friendly selling platform that focuses on building up a community of exclusively plastic free and sustainable sellers.

Tell us more! How are your products eco-friendly?

Our products are all cruelty free and plastic free. We make a big point of the latter because plastic free solutions exist and we exist to promote the use of these options for sustainable sellers.

Ecomersh is a marketing platform so there is no production process as such, however our website is optimised to use as little energy as possible. I worked with my web design partner ‘Nthn’ who came up with the clever idea (check him out, he’s great) to reduce the impact of the website itself. For us it is a big USP and something that attracts a lot of partners who want to use the platform for this reason.

For the delivery partners we were talking with a firm called ‘Urb It’ – it’s a really interesting concept and one which makes sense in large cities where electric vans and cars have not been fully adopted yet.

That’s awesome! Tell us more about your Eco-friendly Packaging.

At Ecomersh we work hard with our partners to ensure all materials are fully biodegradable – we will even buy materials or provide support on where to find earth friendly packaging materials.

Where can we find you?




A big thank you from all of us at The Brave Bees for being part of our Shout Out and Say Hi Saturday!

So good to learn about more about you and we are so excited to be looking to work together more closely in the future!